Javascript has a lot of weird stuff going on[2,3].

There Are Two Javascripts

There are two Javascripts:

One for the server - where you can go wild.

One for the client - that should be thoughtful and careful.[5]

How to Prevent Caching[4]

To prevent caching of a Javascript src file in an HTML file, developers often append a question mark followed by some kind of timestamp or hash. This doesn't affect the resolution of the URL, but does ensure that a new file is cached when it is downloaded.

  <!-- The below import will always use cached if possible, regardless of
  changes to `file1.js` -->
  <script src="file1.js"></script>
  <!-- The below import will cache `file2.js` as the below filename, ensuring
  that new changes will be loaded and old versions will not load, even if old
  versions of `file2.js` exist -->
  <script src="file2.js?20201031"></script>


  6. Vanilla Javascript libraries
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