Mocha and Chai (Javascript)

Mocha is a Javascript test framework for use with Node, and Chai is an assertion library.

Another common library to use with Mocha is nyc, which allows you to get a code coverage readout. You can use this by npm i nyc and then adding it to your package.json as a script: "coverage": "nyc npm run test".

Quick Start

Install Mocha and Chai using npm i --save-dev mocha chai.

In your package.json, replace the value of the "test" property within "scripts" with "mocha ./path/to/tests", inserting the path to your tests.

Create a file called example.js within your test folder. Place this inside:

const assert = require('chai').assert;

describe('Sum', () => {
  it('should add 2 and 2 to equal 4', () => {
    assert.equal(2 + 2, 4);

Save this file and in your terminal, run npm run test. This should render a screen showing a test, "should add 2 and 2 to equal 4", passing within the "Sum" section.


All are assumed to start with assert.


Invoked with (actual, expected).

Chain Effect
.equal, .notEqual Non-strict equality (==)
.deepEqual, .notDeepEqual Strict equality (===), also used for objects


All are accompanied with a negative assertion, e.g. .isX/ .isNotX.

Asynchronous Tests



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