Frameworks (Javascript)

Javascript frameworks are abundant and everywhere, so I wanted to collate a list with some blurbs and first impressions.

Disclaimer that ease of development should not be your only criteria when picking a framework. There are many things that are sacrificed the more involved your client's workload gets[13-15].


Alpine.js: A really minimal framework that also allows functionality to be added to the HTML markup. Surprisingly full featured, has side-effect handling and a global store, too.

Backbone[4]: A jQuery solution that is more of a way to model and organize the data you are going to be passing around. Uses templating from Underscore to build components. A tutorial is here.

Fresh[10]: Server-side framework that allows selective hydration for very fast pages. Uses Preact (which is a smaller React) and Typescript.

htmx[6] and _hyperscript[8]: Super lightweight and lets you bake in your actions directly to the HTML. If your app is simple enough, means no extra JS is needed at all. Wild stuff.

Marko[3]: Can write your functionality into the HTML similar to Vue.

React: The classic. Makes SPA's slick and clean using components, but requires quite a few dependencies and Webpack and Babel, so is a bit unwieldy.

SolidJS: A healthy blend of the React-like declarative reactive framework, with the benefit of compiled vanilla Javascript code that isn't difficult to manipulate in the way that React often prohibits.

Svelte[7]: A framework that has no dependencies; all the tooling, building, compiling are made in house. Seems to look really good, and I would love to use this in the future.

Vue: Allows functionality to be written in your HTML components, along with accompanying CSS and JS for each component.


  9. Pretty comprehensive list of frameworks and their many different types
  13. Making the world's fastest website and other mistakes
  14. radEventListener: a Tale of Client-side Framework Performance
  15. Frontend Performance: React SSR and the Uncanny Valley
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