Date (Javascript)

Javascript Date objects have some weird intricacies that need attention.

Time Zones

JavaScript's Date object tracks time in UTC internally, but typically accepts input and produces output in the local time of the computer it's running on. The way to mitigate this (IMO undesired) opinion is two options.

// will change time based on computer's time zone
var myBirthday = ('January 1, 1990');

UNIX Timestamp

If you use a website like, you can convert your times beforehand and using these as input, will always produce the correct time regardless of timezone.

var myBirthday = ('631180800');

Specify GMT+0:00 Time Zone

When inputting a more human-readable datetime stamp, follow it with GMT+0:00 and this will force a normalized timezone, regardless of the computer's settings.

var myBirthday = ('January 1, 1990 GMT+0:00');


Last modified: 202206101419