Longboarding is one of my favorite things: gets you somewhere and it's exercise.


Honestly, not much more I can say except to check out the links from [9-15]. Too much in there and the videos are gold anyway.

Portable Boards

If you are like me and want to travel with a longboard but don't want to even test the tempers of the TSA, here are some longboards that fit the general carry on requirements:

Eggboard[1]: 19"

I got this and can attest to its size and ability. Was skeptical at first if it could turn, also turn without serious wheelbite, and not just let you eat shit going over a small bump. But it rides like a dream: wide trucks, soft wheels, long wheelbase for size. Pretty much rides like a slightly shorter Landyachtz Dinghy.

Magneto Micro Cruiser[2]: 22"

Haven't ridden, but would love to try. Much cheaper but a bit longer than I was thinking. More like an old school skateboard with the tiny trucks, but I'm sure rides well.

Penny Board[8]: 22"

Rode one of these while on tour in Washington. Hit a crack and ate it, but I assume I was just being reckless. Probably best for nicely paved areas or good streets, as the wheelbase is 14".


Make your own board! You could cut out a smaller board from a normal skateboard[6 @ 0:16, 7, 8], make one out of an old snow ski that's 15" long[3], make one from a piece of 3/4"-1" thick oak cut out and sanded with varnish (I did this and used it for years), or use multiple layers of 1/8" thick hardwood with fiberglass between[4-5]. You could even make one out of a hockey stick[6 @ 0:17].

TODO: Make a guide for making your own.


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