VoiceOver is an accessibility tool by and for MacOS.

Getting Started

To activate Voiceover to be used, go into your System Preferences and enable it from your Accessibility settings.

You can customize your VO key between holding Caps Lock or the combination of Control + Option. Below, VO refers to this.


Using tab will move you to the next interactive element[3]. This puts you in "form mode".

Using VO + arrow keys will move you through the document in DOM order. Up and down will move you inside or outside of the current element, and left and right will move you to the previous or next element. This is "browse mode".

Use the rotor! It is much easier to move around the whole page than by using tab or the arrow keys.


Using Shift on any of the "Next" actions will go to the previous element.

Ctrl will stop messages from playing.

Keystroke Effect
cmd + F5 De/activate VoiceOver
VO + Down Enter web page
VO + Up Exit page
VO + A Read all
VO + U Open rotor (categorical navigation)
VO + H Next heading
VO + I Next image
VO + L Next link
VO + J Next form control


  1. Voiceover commands for web page testing
  2. Mac VoiceOver Testing the Simple Way
  3. Interactive elements
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