Quick Pickles

Pretty much any vegetable will work for a quick pickle, but my favorites are:

Spices and additions for this are also a bit choose-your-own-adventure, but my favorites are:


NOTE: All of these should be adjusted to taste. This is a very generic recipe and I highly recommend searching around to get an idea for how people do it for certain foods or types of veggies.



  1. Pack and evenly distribute the food to pickle and spices and additions in the jars, leaving a small amount of room at the top. If you want the end result less crunchy, add only the spices and additions and hold the food to pickle for later.
  2. Add liquid ingredients, salt, and sugar to pot, and stir until dissolved. Bring to boil.
  3. Optional: if you wanted a less crunchy pickle, add them to the brine now and boil them for a couple minutes. Note that this makes packing quite a bit more laborious
  4. Pour the brine over the packed jars, leaving about a half inch of room at the top. You may not use all the brine.
  5. Remove the air bubbles by tapping the bottom of the jars against a counter or table. Leaving these may result in a more quickly spoiled pickle.
  6. Seal the jars and let them cool. Once cooled, you can place them in the fridge for better flavor over time, or start chowing down.
  7. Once they have been opened, they have a higher chance of spoiling, so be sure to dig in once you start. Store them out of sunlight, as this can grow bad bacteria.


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Last modified: 202212070116