Learning Programming

Things like math and logic and writing and physics and drawing and all kinds of things got way easier after I had started learning to code. The same goes for the spiritual or psychological experience. Coding (probably better known as meta-thinking, thinking about thinking) is an amazing foundation for other fields.[6]

Some good ways to get into coding kinda sideways is to find communities that use coding to do what they do, but where coding isn't the point. Most notable is mods for games. Many games these days have the ability to mod directly, or make levels, or even build them out completely, in the case of fantasy consoles. Essentially, learning coding for coding's sake is truly only for real nerds who have a shitload of motivation to do that. It is not the best way to get stoked. If you have a band, make a website. If you have a crappy job that does a lot of data manipulation, learn Python[7] to try and automate some of it. Whatever it takes to get the wheels turning and give you a satisfying reason to learn it is great.


  1. CodeCombat - Coding games to learn Python and JavaScript
  2. Pikuma: Fundamentals of computer science and programming in assembly, for video games, etc.
  3. Scratch: a super beginner friendly intro to the art of thinking like a programmer
  4. GitHub - toplap/awesome-livecoding: All things livecoding
  5. Oldschool intro to programming books
  6. Everyone, learn how to code
  7. Automate the Boring Stuff with Python
  8. The Coding Train
  9. Programming Games

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