Handbrake is an application for backing up video media.

Backing up a DVD

  1. Install Handbrake[1]
  2. Install libdvdcss[2] (on Mac, use brew install libdvdcss)
  3. Open Handbrake and load your DVD
  4. Set your preset to "Very Fast 480p30". Anything higher won't look much better anyway.
  5. Ensure your subtitles and audio are set how you like. If a subtitle is available, you should be able to select it and it will burn into the video file as something you can select. Use "Burn In" if you want it permanently in the video itself.
  6. Save this preset however you like.
  7. For each "Title", change your "Save As..." filename to what you want and click "Add To Queue".
  8. Click "Start" to start the rip.


  1. https://handbrake.fr/
  2. https://www.dumbofab.com/resource/how-to-use-handbrake-rip-dvds.html

Last modified: 202206101419