Begleri is a small skill toy from Greece. It is fantastic because with materials you have lying around, or with about $5 and a trip to the hardware store, you can make one.


There is long game and short game. If you have a long game begleri, you can tie a figure eight knot between the ends and get pretty close to a short game length.


A popular and simple version is to use a hex nut. 550 Paracord is 4mm wide, so a #8 or #10 inner width[5] is good.


  2. Make your own
    1. Hex nuts and paracord, the simplest way
    2. Steel balls and paracord, using a monkey's fist knot (little kinder to your hand)
    3. Hex nuts and paracord using two types of paracord
    4. Hex nuts and paracord, using lots of paracord but pretty
    5. Hex nuts and paracord, but as a bracelet
  3. Complete Beginners Guide to Begleri
  4. Getting started with the movements, and part 2
  5. Screw size chart

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