ANSI Escape Codes

Escape Codes[1]

All escape codes are written as \033[XXXm, where the X's are replaced by the given code. Multiple parameters can be entered by separating them with semicolons.

For instance, printing a red, bold, and underlined "Hello" could be done in your shell by writing

echo -e "\033[31;1;4mHello\033[0m"

Note that the first code makes it red, bold, and underlined, and the second one after "Hello" resets it back to normal.

Code Result Notes
0 Reset/Normal
1 Bold or increased intensity
2 Faint (decreased intensity) Not widely supported.
3 Italic Not widely supported. Sometimes treated as inverse.
4 Underline
5 Slow Blink less than 150 per minute
6 Rapid Blink MS-DOS ANSI.SYS; 150+ per minute; not widely supported
7 [[reverse video]] swap foreground and background colors
8 Conceal Not widely supported.
9 Crossed-out Characters legible, but marked for deletion. Not widely supported.
10 Primary(default) font
11–19 Alternate font Select alternate font n-10
20 Fraktur hardly ever supported
21 Bold off or Double Underline Bold off not widely supported; double underline hardly ever supported.
22 Normal color or intensity Neither bold nor faint
23 Not italic, not Fraktur
24 Underline off Not singly or doubly underlined
25 Blink off
27 Inverse off
28 Reveal conceal off
29 Not crossed out
30–37 Set foreground color See color table below
38 Set foreground color Next arguments are 5;n or 2;r;g;b, see below
39 Default foreground color implementation defined (according to standard)
40–47 Set background color See color table below
48 Set background color Next arguments are 5;n or 2;r;g;b, see below
49 Default background color implementation defined (according to standard)
51 Framed
52 Encircled
53 Overlined
54 Not framed or encircled
55 Not overlined
60 ideogram underline hardly ever supported
61 ideogram double underline hardly ever supported
62 ideogram overline hardly ever supported
63 ideogram double overline hardly ever supported
64 ideogram stress marking hardly ever supported
65 ideogram attributes off reset the effects of all of 60-64
90–97 Set bright foreground color aixterm (not in standard)
100–107 Set bright background color aixterm (not in standard)


Code Color
30 Black
31 Red
32 Green
33 Yellow
34 Blue
35 Magenta
36 Cyan
37 White
90 Bright Black
91 Bright Red
92 Bright Green
93 Bright Yellow
94 Bright Blue
95 Bright Magenta
96 Bright Cyan
97 Bright White


  1. Full list of all ANSI codes

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